Your Kid’s Easton Bat Just Cracked! Here’s What To Do.


NOTE: Always keep your receipts and the box your bat came in. (These are very important in the return process.)

Over the past three years, my sons, Andrew and Jack have been through three Easton Makos and four XL-1’s. No, they’re not particularly violent kids. It’s just that Easton bats tend to be fragile. Yeah, I know. How can a bat known for crushing baseballs over the fence also be so prone to cracking? The two don’t go together.

No matter how minor the crack may appear, you can’t ignore it.

  1. It’ll get bigger.
  2. Once the bat has a  visual defect, it’s technically not legal to use in a game. (Enforcement of this will vary based on who is umpiring.)
  3. Most importantly, the bat won’t perform as well and will get worse as the crack grows larger.

How to Get a Replacement Bat from Easton

Easton’s warranty covers denting, cracking, breaking, loose or detached end caps and rattling. They will replace any defective aluminum composite bat to the original purchaser for up to one year…. IF…. you meet the following conditions (insert evil laugh).

1. The defective bat is accompanied by the ORIGINAL RECEIPT (proof of purchase). – You did keep the receipt, right? ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SPORTS GEAR RECEIPTS!!!

2. Easton’s website says that you also need the extra hologram sticker that matches the sticker on your kid’s bat. (However, in all our returns, they’ve never asked for this. But, maybe we’ve just been lucky. So keep your extra sticker if you have it.)Easton-Softball-Bat-Warranty-Sticker-Hologram

3. The defect had to occur during normal use. (This means hitting a baseball, not a bowling ball or a brick wall. For whatever reason, using it in a commercial batting cage nullifies the warranty. What exactly is a “commercial” batting cage?)

4. The bat was purchased from an authorized Easton dealer. (Not your cousin Jeremy’s old XL-1 or Black Market Questionable Bat Sales Inc. Ebay and Craigslist do have authorized Easton dealers. Be sure to ask before buying a bat from a retailer on one of these sites.)

5. You’ve had the bat for one year or less.

To get the return process started, CLICK HERE. Or call 888-259-1297. Once you submit the online return form, Easton will email you within three days with your return authorization number and instructions on how to mail the bat to them. (Unfortunately, you do have to pay for return shipping.)

Life will be exponentially easier if you kept the original bat box to return it in. If not, you may have to craft one out of cardboard containers in your recycling bin. (Been there. Done that!)

Overall, Easton is very easy to work with. And getting replacement bats has been a simple, straightforward process. There’s a lot more warranty info on their website, like the paragraph below.FYI from their website

Easton does not approve of or authorize the purchaser, or any other person, to physically alter the bat in any manner for use in any game under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of an association or organization that has set standards for performance bats. Alterations includes, but is not limited to: bat doctoring, rolling in a vice, hitting foreign objects other than approved balls, inner wall shaving, end-loading and any other action that is designed to change the character or performance attributes of the bat in any manner. Any suspected alterations of the bat will nullify the Easton warranty.

Easton Bat Warranty Rules and Online Return Form


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One thought on “Your Kid’s Easton Bat Just Cracked! Here’s What To Do.

  • June 20, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    We purchased an Easton bar for my grandson last year and unfortunatly. Did not keep the reciept because when you pay $150 for a bat you don’t expect it to break. It broke right off before the barrel. We bought it at Dick’s. I can’t believe you won’t stand behind the bat with without a reciept.. He was heartbroken and i can’t afford to go out and spend spend $150 for another bat. I think if I send you the bat, that should be sufficient evidence to get a new bat.


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