You are Valuable!


Don’t think for a second that if you botch a play, you are ‘out’ or ‘done’ as a ballplayer. Don’t listen to the doubters… don’t listen to jealous and razzing peers. After all, they’re the ones on the sidelines judging you, the one actually PLAYING baseball.

An error does not define you as a ballplayer. Anyone who tells you it does has never truly understood the challenges that come with this great game. With every pitch, with every game or inning or swing of the bat, there’s a reset in baseball. Remember that!

There’s always another shot, another chance to overcome a challenge and achieve a ‘moment’ in this game. And so, keep your head down and your chin up… stay focused, keep staying motivated and move forward, get past that mistake and keep working to become a better player.

You are valuable! That simply means that you are needed on your team. You’re not a hole-filler, you were chosen because you have the talent and the drive to help this team win! So… be proud!

Remember, this isn’t about you though… it’s about what you and your teammates can offer as a team collectively. And so, when you or someone on your club makes a mistake… it’s a blip…. and you move on. That’s it!

No one will die… no one should ever feel judged and the next logical thing to do is collectively move forward. That’s how you become a better athlete… that’s how a team of 12 tackles a game and season.

And yes, there will be the negatives. It comes with the territory. You’ll hear snickers and there will be finger pointing and blame some days. I have news for you… that’s just life. If you’re seeing it on this small scale and can’t handle it, I’m not quite sure how you’re gonna handle life.

GET OVER IT! Ignore the negative, focus on the positive and let’s get a ‘W’ in the books… together!

The bottom line is this, kid… you have played this game for a while now. You’ve seen different teammates over the years, you’ve seen rule changes and bigger fields. The challenges at some points seemed way too great. BUT… you stuck with it while others left.

Others couldn’t deal with the pressure, couldn’t deal with the stress. But you didn’t. You stayed. Why? It’s simple….

You love this game. You understand this game, and every single day you wake up, you want to play this game to become a better athlete. You are valuable kid… not only to your team, but to you, because you have the values, the drive and the determination to conquer anything you want to conquer.

You are a ballplayer, you see the path, regardless of the doubters… regardless of the mistakes. You know you CAN. And I’ll tell you something, in this day and age, that’s truly great and it’s a very, very valuable trait too.

It’s Grind time!

–Rob Monaco, Father, Coach and Baseball Commissioner
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