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Travel Ball Parents is always looking for entertaining and informative content to share with our readers. And if you’re a parent of a kid who plays travel ball, then chances are good you’ve got something to share.

Here’s what does really well on our site:

Humor: funny stories, videos, photos with captions, funny rants, cartoons-pretty much anything that’ll make us laugh. (Keep it fairly clean, though. We’re a family site.)

Great Ideas: your favorite travel hacks, on-the-go snack and meal ideas, baseball/softball related crafts, party ideas, anything that will make us say “Wow! I need to remember that.” And we LOVE Pinterest.

Reviews: We love sharing well-written reviews of sports related products and services such as bats, gloves, cleats, sports drinks, travel amenities, etc.

Motivation/Inspiration: Is there a coach or mentor who has made a positive difference in your kid’s life? Or perhaps a player or family member who has overcome significant odds? We’re always open to stories about people who deserve a pat on the back or a heartfelt thank you.

Parenting/Coaching Advice/Tell It Like It Is: Share your best coaching and/or parenting strategies here. What works best with your team? Or bad examples that you’re sick of seeing on the ball field. We want to know about it. (Since this description is pretty lacking, here’s a great example for this category.)

If your submission idea doesn’t fall into these categories, send it anyway. Right now we don’t have any hard and fast rules. And we read and consider every single submission.

We accept previously printed material, as long as it’s your piece or you have permission to submit it to us. We also reserve the right to edit the submissions we receive. We don’t change the content, but we wholeheartedly admit to being grammar and punctuation tyrants. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer monetary compensation to writers….yet. But hopefully that will change as long as we continue to grow at this pace.

Email your submissions to angela.weight at yahoo.com or message us on our Facebook page. You’ll hear from us within a couple of weeks whether we’re able to use your piece or not.

And thanks so much for helping make Travel Ball Parents the fastest growing travel sports community online.




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