What’s in Aimee’s Bag? Checking the Contents of a Well-Stocked Mom


A while back, when I posted “What’s in Mutt’s Bag,” the first in a series of travel ball mom bag exposes, I had no idea how popular the feature would be. You guys really like peeking into other people’s personal belongings! I guess we’re all a tad nosy and voyeuristic. As spin-offs of this series, I’m considering the following topics.

-What’s in her medicine cabinet?

-What’s on his credit card statement?

-What do they fight about?

-What’s really in her water bottle?

-Look at her! Are those real?

These ideas will probably remain shelved, though, because I’m pretty sure we’d get zero volunteers…unless they had nothing to hide. In which case, none of us care to see what’s in their cabinet/statement/bottle.

This week, we’re taking a look into the bag of baseball mom, Aimee Lochrico of Elberta, Alabama. She just might be the most thoroughly prepared travel ball parent east of the Mississippi River.

Here are a few pics she shared with me.


According to Aimee, her stash started out as a small, no-frills first aid kit from Walmart and has grown to have more medical supplies than most rural hospitals. Let’s see what all we’ve got here….

aimee bag

While Aimee’s bag doesn’t contain anything scandalous or illegal, there’s enough first aid paraphernalia to perform several outpatient surgeries and a hip replacement.

And she keeps the score book too! What the heck, Aimee! You’re making us look bad. But, I’m guessing you take great care of your team.

Here’s what I’ll be adding to my own ball field stash thanks to Aimee’s preparedness.

  • Sting Kill: a must-have for treating bee stings. Last weekend, there were more wasps at our tournament facility than ball players. This would’ve come in handy.
  • Safety Pins: there’s always a need for those things.
  • Phone Charger: how many times has my phone died right in the middle of the championship game?
  • Rolaids: because concession stand food can cause heartburn (at the very least).
  • Emergency Seeds: because even the thought of running out of sunflower seeds is pretty scary.
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