Through My Lens: The Three Run Homer


By Kacie Carlson, baseball mom and coach’s wife

There are two types of coaches; those who live for the players, and those who live for the game. Which coach you want your child playing for depends more on what you get out of your weekends. Are you more worried about the title of a win or is it your desire to get the most baseball knowledge in the end.

Sometimes the biggest upsets of a game come with the greatest outcomes. You see, this past weekend was our second round of tournaments in Beaumont, Texas. We always play two games on Saturday and, based on the rankings, they will determine which team we will open up the tournament with on Sundays. It just so happens this Sunday we were sweating bullets when we saw the kids we were facing. These kids were all “11 and under,” but they seriously looked like 17 year olds. The kids were huge compared to our little players! Needless to say, the fearful thoughts of ‘one and done’ for Sunday were on repeat. We were down by one, two on base and a power hitter was up to bat. Before we could blink, our Toby smokes a line drive over the fence. First home run of the season and BAM, just like that, a three-run home run puts us in the lead. Now, imagine how excited this 11-year-old kid was charging first base, and in a moment of full force, trips over the bag. Coach bends down (without touching) to ask if he’s ok and then congratulates him on his success. As we were waiting for the next play, the umpire walks toward our dugout, informs our coach that the other team’s coach wants to PROTEST the home run by claiming the player was touched by a coach while the play was in action. LIKE REALLY? This sends our coach into a rage of hell!

To the coach of the other team; does it feel good you wanted to cheat a child out of a home run, what are you doing trying to take his joy away?  What you’re searching for is a title, a cheat and you’re willing to do anything for a win. You are searching for less of a successful team, and more of a selfish reflection for a multitude of reasons. Now, was it the right thing for our coach to burst in a rage of hell? No! However, what he was doing was standing up for his player. Is it necessary for two adult men to holler at each other in front of our kids by telling each other to grow up? No. The reality is, that as perfect as you may think your team is, you never try to take the joy of a child’s gift of a grand slam away, even if he touches first and then trips his way to glory.

The fans of the other team were name-calling and bashing our team as the heat continued throughout the game. And people seriously wonder how the process of bullying starts?! Let me just give you a piece of advice – thoughts turn to words and words turn to actions. And if you can’t understand that concept, let me dummy proof it for you: Monkey see, monkey do.

As I sat on my blanket and continued to snap pictures through the chaos, I said many Hail Mary’s and even prayed an Our Father for us to beat this team. I wanted this win so badly for our boys. Fearing that we were about to lose, I sat and watch with only seconds left in the game.  The bases were loaded as we walked the last the batters– we needed one out!  Then suddenly, at the very last minute, we got the out that we needed and won by one run.

I realized that there are not only two types of coaches but also there are two types of teams; those who live by the chaos and those who live by the silence of a three-run home run.

Kacie Carlson is a Louisiana lifestyle blogger, wife of a high school baseball coach and a travel ball mom. To read more of her posts, visit


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