THIS is Time Well Spent! Don’t Let the World Tell You Otherwise.


Another great piece by baseball mom, Esther Kempf.

Right now there’s always somewhere to be. There’s a game to be played somewhere…and someone is always heading to practice.

It’s hard to imagine that one day that will no longer be the case. Some day, maybe sooner than later for some of you, it will change. One day there won’t be anyone left to take to practice. Someday I’ll miss all the running around. I’ll miss all the days sitting and sweating through hours of baseball games, all the unfair calls, the dirt-filled pants, the cleats that are somehow, always being outgrown, the obnoxious chanting from the dug-out, the dozens of water bottles lost, baseball bags and buckets of balls in the trunk, the sound of bats clanking against each other in the backseat, and smelly carpools of kids who, for only a little while longer, are still smaller than you.I’ll miss catching his big grin after an inning-ending play and the hugs needed after a heartbreaking loss. I’ll miss the nerves in his stomach being wiped away by a 1-2-3 inning or being asked, “Mommy, did you see that hit?” I’ll miss watching him round third base and crossing home plate as his teammates surround him, knocking his helmet after an over-the-fence home run.

Someday I’ll stop having to scream “You’re going to be late!” or “Don’t forget your water bottle!” There won’t be any more skinned-knees to clean after a close call on a stolen base, or shoulders to ice after a play-off game.

Someday there won’t be any long car rides to weekend tournaments. There won’t be anyone to yell “stop playing Hotel Tag!” to. There won’t be a need to do a collection of dirty pants that need to be washed for another round of games or scramble for anyone’s birth certificate. Some day I’ll open the trunk of my car and I won’t find piles of chairs, blankets, packets of hand-warmers, loose baseballs rolling around and uneaten sunflower seeds. Some day the trophies and medals will end up in a box that he doesn’t want, but doesn’t want me to throw away either.

So when I’m baking in the sun or freezing on the bleachers and you ask “You’re actually going to stay and watch them practice?” I’ll say yes and joke how “baseball is our life.” As I sit and watch I’ll secretly be thinking how in a few years I’ll miss ALL of it, and I’ll be thankful that for at least a little while longer, I still have someone to take to practice.

Esther Kempf is a NY mom of three, a coach’s wife, and mom to two travel ball players. In her spare time she is a Disney Vacation Planner. So if you’re heading down to Florida for any tournaments or vacations, shoot her an email to handle all your individual or group plans!


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