TBP’s Photo Caption Contest is Back! – Sponsored by Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising


This photo is just begging for a clever caption. What do YOU think it should say?

Photo courtesy of BleacherReport.com

To enter, submit a caption in the comments section below or in the Travel Ball Parents Facebook post you probably clicked on to get here. (The post will also be pinned to the top of our FB page, so you can find it easily.)

Likes = Votes. Every time someone clicks “like” on your caption comment, it will be counted as a vote. (Captions entered in the comments section of this post will be transferred to the Facebook post comments section for voting.)

The person whose caption has the most likes by 10 pm, EST on Sunday, January 28, 2018 will receive a set of team logo cups from Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising.


Have you heard of Dynamic Drinkware?

It’s one of the easiest travel team fundraisers you’ll find.

How it Works: Players sell fundraising cards for $25 each to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. After someone purchases a card, they’ll visit DynamicDrinkware.com to view all the different tumbler designs and redeem their fundraising card for whichever set of cups they choose. (It basically works like an online retailer gift card.)

*The $25 fundraising card includes tax, processing and shipping, so buyers won’t encounter any surprise costs when ordering their cups. (They can also choose to order more items at discounted rates, if they want.)

Team Profit per Card: $8. Very competitive with other product sales fundraisers. (Check out Dynamic Drinkware’s Spring, 2018 bonus plan for an extra $125 in profit for selling 100 cards. Sign up by Feb. 1 to take advantage of it.)

Product Delivery: Here’s the beauty! You don’t have to deliver a thing.

No lugging boxes of merchandise around in your vehicle, keeping up with who ordered what and tracking people down to give them their products. Dynamic Drinkware delivers your customers’ orders directly to them within 3-to-4 weeks of receiving the order. So you can go on about your business knowing that they’ve got it covered.

Getting Cards to Sell: The person in charge of your team’s fundraising will order the number of cards you decide to sell from Dynamic Drinkware at no upfront cost. When the fundraiser ends, send back any unsold cards along with payment for cards that were sold, minus your profit (which you’ll take right off the top). Simple enough, right?

Sell to Out-of-Town Friends and Family Online: Dynamic Drinkware provides each team with a customizable website where they can share their story, their fundraising goal and what contributions will go toward. I love this idea because it allows long distance friends and relatives to feel more engaged in helping players pay for travel expenses and equipment, rather than simply throwing money toward some random fundraiser.

Cups with Your Team’s Name and Logo: Here’s another cool thing. Dynamic Drinkware will create custom cups with your kid’s travel team logo. $250 for 200 cups. This would go great with a BBQ plate or other meal type fundraiser. Sell your team cups filled with a beverage for $5 each, as an add-on purchase.

ROBERT C. – KATY YOUTH FOOTBALL – KATY, TX—-“We’ve sold cups for years, and the customer service is the best of I’ve seen, but our record highest fundraiser was only $30,000. We sold almost double that this time ($55,000) because it was so much easier for everyone to just sell a card and supporters liked the convenience and variety of new designs online.”

Click here to plan your team fundraiser with Dynamic Drinkware.



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