Shopping for a New Bat? Check Out This Season’s Top Picks

The right bat can turn a ground out into a line drive, and an ordinary fly ball into a fence-clearing home run. If you’re starting to shop for a new bat for your player, but aren’t sure which has the most pop for the buck, rest easy! Travel Ball Parents has you covered with the help of Oscar Llarena, founder of Bat Club USA. We’ve asked Oscar to share his customer favorites for 2017 and the reasons they’re so popular. Here’s what he had to say.

Ages 8,9, 10u
 The original was filled with pop, and everyone is betting that the new retooled version will be just as effective.

 Louisville Slugger makes a consistent solid product and customers are loyal to the brand because of that.

11u, 12u
Before this bat was banned, we couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Now it’s back and better than ever.



Both companies make a good solid bat. The Mako is more balanced while the Prime 917 is a bit more end loaded.

Wildcard for 8,9,10,11u
We are just starting to carry them, but we get requests all the time. They are said to come “hot” right out of the box without any breaking in needed. The jury is still out since they are so new and still very hard to find. Only time will tell.

Fastpitch Softball
It’s far and away THE bat to swing. With a consistent pop, the CF9 is preferred among all age groups.

If your player goes through one or more bats per year, we highly recommend looking into Bat Club USA‘s program. Using a membership model (think Netflix or Dollar Shave Club), Bat Club USA offers several different monthly member plans based on the number of bats a player expects to need each year. Members can choose from all the same baseball and softball bat brands and models found in retail stores. It’s sort of like leasing a car, but without all the paperwork and legalities.
This diagram explains how it works.

Another great thing about Bat Club USA is that they take care of any warranty issues that may occur with their bats. No more making copies of receipts, filling out forms on manufacturers’ websites and sitting on hold for half an hour. They do all that for you and have a new bat delivered to you in the meantime.

Visit Bat Club USA and see how easy it is to make sure your kid is always swinging a great bat. Enter the code TravelBallMom to receive 10% off the first month.


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