Remind Them of the “Moments”


rob monacoA dose of coaching encouragement from our friend and Little League commissioner, Rob Monaco. Follow his writings on The Heart of Youth Baseball Facebook page. 

Every game is a different experience.

Some games you are on top of the world and unstoppable. Maybe you go 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and 4 RBIs. The next game, you could strike out 3 times and make an error. The game changes… but if you’re a coach, help keep your players’ chins up. Failure will come, but it’s not over… not in baseball. There are always new beginnings.

Remind your team of the ‘moments’. Remind your team that with teamwork, there is no bad day, because collectively, they can do anything. And then… bring in the moments….

Remind them what happened when the team was on the top step rooting hard, and little Michael knocked in 2 runs.

Remind them how important little Danny’s stolen base was in the 3rd inning.

Tell them that the fire never burns out as long as they believe in each other. And let them know that the loss or error they made before is insignificant in the fight. They need to stay driven! They need to move forward! They need to remember ‘moments’ and keep their heads high!

If you’re a coach, build up your team. Explain the lessons of the game, don’t bark them. Motivate your team to be great, don’t scream that they “need to be great” with no direction. And most importantly… keep their heads in the game… Remind them of the ‘moments’… because it’s those moments that boost their confidence and allow them to do great things..


Angela Weight

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