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In this honest, heartfelt message, Tammy Roberson Deese explains how, for her family, baseball is so much more than “just a game.”

I just wanted to share with you all some of our “unique” baseball season every year. Our 9 (almost 10 year old, as he reminds us daily) has played baseball since he was 3. It is truly a “family” sport. Our 16 year old, Travis has Autism. He requires full time care (by us, of course). He and Jayson have SUCH a special bond and they have since Jayson was born. Travis is ALL smiles during baseball tournaments and is definitely Jayson’s biggest fan. Jayson plays for Gametime Sports Academy in Oxford Alabama.

j and t

This photo was last night at Gametime. Jayson was there doing his pitching and hitting training and, as always, his “biggest fan,” his brother was right there. Jayson always makes time to stop and spend time with Travis. Even during a training session or practice. Travis can talk/communicate some, but not like a typical person. But when we say “baby Jayson baseball” Travis’ smile will light up a room. (*Jayson has always been “baby Jayson” for him since Jayson was born in 2006).

Everyone knows Travis at tournaments. He is the big boy with the biggest smile, running around, singing and cheering for his “baby Jayson and his team!” Baseball is our happiness for everyone…no matter how “unique” a family is. Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to share and hope that others with exceptional needs can see that baseball is such a wonderful thing for everyone. We have our first tournament on the 19th of March. I am sure…Travis’ smile will be the biggest out there.

Jayson was selected as one of the boys to represent Alabama in the National All American youth baseball tournament in Florida this past December. Jayson made the top 10 list during the week when they did the testing and evaluations. And although WE were proud…nobody clapped louder than Travis!

jayson travis

This is Travis and Jayson between games. It was such a happy time for all of us.

And yes..I agree. Totally. Baseball is “bonding.” When our boys can’t communicate through words, they communicate through LOVE and also their love of baseball. Yes..baseball is pure love.



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