My Son Went to a Showcase. No Coaches Reached Out. Now What?

Coaching Families Through the Recruiting Process

By Brian Scanlon – baseball recruiting coach and founder of The Recruiting Coaches. 

Every year after the first few weeks of summer I get the same call from panicked parents. They want to throw in the towel on June 25th because no coaches have reached out yet. There are three key points you should remember when you want to panic or throw in the towel.

1. Don’t panic. It’s earlier than you think, no matter what you hear from other parents.

The second week in June really kicks off the summer recruiting circuit.  Let’s say there are 10 recruiting weeks in the summer from mid-June to end of August.  If there are 1.5 events per week, that’s 15 events a coach attends in the summer.  Now say there are 2 coaches on staff out recruiting.  In total you have roughly 30 different recruiting events that a coaching staff will attend in 10 weeks.  That’s not counting the other 6 trillion tournaments, camps and showcases that they can’t attend.  They need to collect information and evaluate all of these players.  Just because you don’t hear from a coach directly after an event doesn’t mean you won’t hear from him eventually.  Now, what about the kids who are hearing from coaches? This leads to point number 2.

2. Coaches are shooting high just like you are.

Recruiting is often looked at from the player and parent perspective and never the coaches perspective.  This is why we feel we provide so much value to the families we work with.  We give the coaches perspective.  What people fail to realize is coaches are aiming for the dream recruit the same way you are reaching for the dream school.  You built a list of schools and ranked them, right? Well, coaches do the same with recruits.

The trickle-down effect in baseball recruiting is real.  There are thinner lines between skill sets of the mid to lower levels of college baseball than there are in any other college sport.  The trickle-down effect causes coaches to wait it out.  Coaches act early on their dream recruits, and wait for the trickle down of the other guys.  If you aren’t hearing from coaches right now, you are probably in that trickle down.  As a frame of reference, coaches might land 1, MAYBE, 2 dream recruits in a class.  These are the guys they probably shouldn’t have gotten.  The other 80% of the class are the trickle down guys.

3. Coaches have different communication styles (and abilities).

Some coaches respond to your emails, some coaches don’t.  Some coaches reach out to you immediately following events, some coaches don’t.  Each coach has a different style of communication.  Each coach has a different abilities when it comes to communication. Some coaches will go a week or two compiling their notes from different events and then reach out to the players they liked.  Regardless of the different communication styles, the one commonality is they are ALL getting inundated with communication.  Emails, calls, texts, recruiting services, summer coaches, etc. these are all constantly inbound to college coaches. To respond to absolutely everything they get inbound would be a full time job in itself.

Understand the days for coaches recruiting are longer than the days for players.  When your game is over you go home. When your game is over the coach goes to the next one.  Coaches go home for the day when the day is over, not when your day is over.  Give them time to communicate with you and be respectful of their schedule.  


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