Morning Inspiration: The Game of your Life


You’ve heard the expression, but what does it really mean?


Well, if you think it means you have to be the perfect player and the perfect team to win the whole championship out there… you’re wrong. The game of your life means it’s the most important game. It’s not about being perfect. The game of your life is the one that separates you from the rest. There is no common man, there are just tough, hard working ballplayers ready to accomplish something great.

You’ve practiced and worked all season to have the best record and now you need to remind everyone that in this game… the game of your life, you can stand alone, BECAUSE of all that hard work and practice. BECAUSE you have the most confidence, the best coach, the smartest players and the most heart that anyone has ever seen.


You don’t play to lose, and that’s the way you should walk in. Walk in to win and don’t walk in with worry. Walk in with guts and the desire to be great. And when you hit the field… know this; It’s not about being perfect. It IS about being great, working together as a team and trusting yourself and your team. Walk in tall, walk in courageous and stay loose and play the game you know how!


Championships aren’t for everyone, but your team earned it. Now it’s time to play the game of your life, as one… and you know what? You can do it, because through it all this season, something clicked. You learned this game, you found a bond with your team, and you have a true leader with a coach that gave you every opportunity.

And so, ‎it’s ‘go time’ now. Go win the game of your life…

-Rob Monaco, Little League coach & Commissioner

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