If You Can’t Say Something Nice or Helpful to your Kid, then Stay Away from Games and Practices!


I just read a post from Brian over at 8U Travel.  It’s a great blog. You’d like it. In this particular post, he recounts an experience he recently had in the batting cages, hearing a dad constantly berating his frustrated, humiliated kid who was having a terrible time making contact with the ball. Anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes at a ball field or practice facility has likely observed a parent making an @$$ of his or herself, under the guise of trying to “help” their kid.

Last summer, on my younger son’s rec team, there was a dad who, I swear, needed a horse tranquilizer before every game. His kid was a complete wreck while he barked his nonstop instructions and insults faster than a hyperactive auctioneer. As the season progressed, my husband and I moved our chairs farther and farther away from him, but it didn’t do any good. He had one of those “carrying voices.” He was a nice enough guy before and after games. He even made jokes, poking fun at himself about not being able to control his mouth. It wasn’t funny. He needed a muzzle and a blindfold…and for someone to follow him around, critiquing everything he did for hours at a time.

Why am I telling you this? It’s not like there’s a happy ending. The season ended and we prayed we’d never be on a team with them again. And so far we haven’t. The End.

I was leading up to the 8U Travel blog from Brian. Read it! The story will make you angry for the kid in the cages. But, here’s my question. Do you ever say something to that parent? Is it ever a good idea to jump into something that’s clearly none of your business? Or do you just put your head down and keep doing what you’re doing, hoping the jerk will get the message that his behavior is toxic and destructive somehow.

Here’s the article. Let me know what you think.

8U Travel – OK, This Guy Should Stay Away. 



Angela Weight

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One thought on “If You Can’t Say Something Nice or Helpful to your Kid, then Stay Away from Games and Practices!

  • February 11, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    I try to stay out of it. If it’s from a parent on my son’s team, I will talk to the coach and have him handle the parent directly. But, I’ve found myself on occasion, tapping that upset child on the shoulders or tapping him on the head, and making sure we make eye contact. I’ve whispered “You’re doing just fine. Please, always remember to have fun”. It’s heartbreaking. These types of sideline coach parents suck the life right out of their child. They are ruining the fun for them!


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