How to Handle Poor Calls by the Umpire


Recently, I got an email from Thomas Zinselmeyer, a veteran coach and high school teacher from St. Louis who runs the site along with coach and teacher, Steve Nicollerat. (I deserve extra points for spelling both their names right, but, really, who’s keeping score?)

Being the curious sort who clicks on links people send me (except for ones advertising cheap Viagara), I paid a visit to CoachBaseballRight. And wow! What a great resource it is!

If you’re a rec, travel, Little League or school coach looking for practice templates and drills, this site has a wealth of info. I’ll be featuring their tips and advice for parents here on TravelBallParents from time to time, starting with how to handle poor calls. (Maybe next week I’ll ask legendary Braves manager, Bobby Cox to make a video on this topic for us. 🙂


Here are a couple other insightful videos from 

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