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Recruiting has become big business.  Teams, tournaments, showcases, camps, instruction, advising, databases, reference websites, there is a lot of money being spent.  The worst part about the monetization of the recruiting process is some services try to capitalize on families during a vulnerable stage of their lives.  The uncertainty families feel around the process leads them to seek help.  There are plenty of money-grabs out there that open the door for those families to be misguided and taken advantage of.

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I’ll be the first to admit it, that we make 100% of our revenue off of families paying us for custom advice and guidance through the recruiting process.  I’m not saying we are holier than thou, the only business who knows what we’re doing, and everyone else is a scam artist.  Far from the case.  There are plenty of great people providing services that truly helping families through the recruiting process (check out our preferred services page). The purpose of writing this is not to bash the “bad guys,” rather to help families understand what they really need assistance with when it comes to recruiting.  When it comes down to it, where is it worth putting your dollars and cents?

Here are some examples of services that you are wasting money on:

  • An online profile to get “views” from college coaches. The truth is you can accomplish the same thing through email (free) and YouTube (free).  Coaches don’t want 30 different logins for websites when they can get all the info they need if you send them an email with your grades and video  ‘Profile views’ are meaningless.  Majority of those profile views are coaches poaching your email address to dump into their own database so they can send out camp emails.  Save the coaches the extra step and email them directly….they’ll appreciate it, and so will your wallet.
  • Access to a database of coaches’ contact info. I didn’t even know this existed, but it does, and people are paying for it. It’s amazing how you can make money, huh? Here is how you save money by not paying for a database of coach emails….google.  If you google “’School Name’ athletics staff directory” you will get a link to the email addresses and most likely phone numbers of the entire athletics department. 
  • Someone selling you their “connections.” On the list of what coaches look for in a recruit, the person recruits are paying for “connections” is a distant last on the list.  This is also the sector of the recruiting market charging the most money for what is often just smoke and mirrors.  Everyone wants an “in” with the college coaches, and parents see these guys selling connection as that “in.” If someone is selling you the notion their influence over coaches will help you get recruited by a particular school, ask them to prove it.  Ask them to call the coach and have the coach say, “yes, we offer spots in our recruiting class to kids who know ‘so-and-so’.” Coaches only treat kids differently who they feel can contribute to their program.  Whether you know the coach’s mom, dad, third cousin, or barber, it won’t make a difference if you aren’t qualified to play at that school.

Here are some examples of value for your money in the recruiting process:

  • A coach or coaches who will help you improve. Invest in a coach who is invested in your improvement, not invested in your wallet. A coach invested in your improvement is someone who will be honest with you about your ability and put a plan in place to help you improve.  This individual instruction will complement all the work you are doing with your team.
  • A team that will get you exposure to the right schools. Some teams carry a recognizable name, but will not play in front of the right audience for you. Do your homework on the schools who typically attend the events on the team’s schedule. Do they match up with your list of schools?  Your performance will stand out more than the name on the front of your jersey.
  • Individual college camps or showcase events. These are a fantastic way to get in front of a targeted group of schools. College camps offer the chance to be on campus with a specific coaching staff and work very closely with them on the field.  Showcases offer great bang for the buck, as you can be seen by many schools in one setting.
  • Honest and personalized advice on navigating the process. The proper guidance through this process is invaluable. Invaluable guidance means someone speaking to you honestly about how to navigate the tricky waters of the recruiting world.  This can only come from someone who understands how your child’s academic and athletic ability fits (or doesn’t) at the college level. This means someone who is an expert in your sport and its recruiting process.  This is the reason why we only hire staff at The Recruiting Coaches who have both played AND coached a college sport.  This is real, tangible, invaluable experience.  These qualification remove all speculation from the advice we give.

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I want to mention again that there are plenty of reliable and reputable services in the recruiting world.  Your family only has so much disposable income to spend on the recruiting process, and it should go to the resources that meaningfully benefit your child’s recruiting process. Do your homework before investing in these resources.

Brian Scanlon Founder of The Recruiting Coaches

THE RECRUITING COACHES helps families navigate the tricky waters of the college recruiting process by providing the most truthful advice and hands-on guidance.  Our coaches are all former college athletes and college coaches.  You can learn more about how we can help your recruiting process by clicking here.


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