Believe, Then Conquer (Your Player’s New Mantra)


The latest article from our friend Rob Monaco

Believe, then Conquer

As the Fall baseball season is now under way, just a reminder to dream big.

In baseball, in other sports, in life, you need to believe in yourself. It will be hard, and sometimes you will stumble, but if you want it… if you want that big hit or you want the ball and pitch out of an intense inning, understand this; no one is going to give it to you. You need to believe in yourself.

Don’t worry. Your coaches will be there to guide you. Your parents will give you pointers and cheer you and your team on. But they can’t swing the bat for you. You need to do that.

Trust your abilities. Practice. Understand the game as it changes in every pitch, with every inning. Learn from mistakes. Ask questions… and most importantly, remember something kid… You Can!



When fierce competition stares you in the face, it’s easy to walk away. But you don’t want to do that, do you? You want to win… not just the game, but for yourself. Overcoming obstacles builds character and confidence.

Believing is half the battle. Doing…. that’s the hard part. But if you do what you love, and work at it, I have a hunch you’ll succeed. But it’s gotta come from within. It’s gotta come from you!

You can do it, kid. Believe, then conquer.

-Rob Monaco is a father of 4, and a Little League Coach and Commissioner for his Town Baseball Program. He is passionate about baseball and writing.


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