Before We Change the Bats, Shouldn’t We Move the Mound and Bases?

Observation by Lee Everett of Richmond Baseball Academy-RBA West 
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We had a demo night at our academy the other night and I got to see the new USA bats up close. They are basically BBCOR bats for youth players. Pretty dead, which is great for safety… for sure.
But my thought is with all of these safety talks, why haven’t they moved the pitcher’s mound/bases back for AT LEAST the 12u players now? In travel, I feel it’s still too close. So for Little League ball, it’s even worse. I don’t care what bat you use, having some of these really big 12-year-olds hitting that close to a pitcher, the safety will always be an issue.
My thought, 12-year-olds should be back at 54-foot mounds, 80-foot bases. This would be an important step towards helping those players get ready for the big fields rather than making the enormous jump they have to make now…….my two cents.
What are your opinions on adjusting youth ball field measurements to improve safety in baseball? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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