Another Great Idea for Getting Baseball Pants Sparkling Clean


Hey, Baseball Pants Laundrists!

Have you tried ESPRO Sports Cleaner?

Have you heard of ESPRO Sports Cleaner?

Well you should! Because it’s our new favorite.

ESPRO cleans the filthiest baseball pants like a Boss without the chemical warfare smell of IronOut or the bar-of-soap inconvenience of Fels Naptha. It even worked to remove a stain from my living room rug!

Click the links or images below to try it yourself.

Espro Sports Cleaner Stain Remover with Odor-Guard Gallon Item, 128 oz. – $21.18 on Amazon

ESPRO Sports Cleaner Stain Remover with Odor Guard, 32 fl. oz. – $3.82 on


by Wilson

I looked all over for a cleaner that would clean my boys baseball uniforms. I even contacted several colleges to find out what they used to clean their team uniforms – ESPRO Sports Cleaner was the answer. I figured I’d give it a try. It is amazing. You can squirt it on the red clay stains and they disappear. No need to soak the uniforms overnight anymore. I even spray it in and on my boys stinky tennis shoes it takes the smell away. My older son takes his athletic clothes to school in a nylon/cloth drawstring bag and he brings his stinky sweaty clothes back home in it. Not always having time to wash it before it needs to go back the next day I will squirt a few squirts of Espro inside it and a quick shot on the outside and all the odors are gone. I’ve told everyone at baseball about it and they love it.   I just ordered 10 bottles – never want to run out!


Angela Weight

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