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Angela is still kind of shocked at the idea that she’s a blogger who founded and runs one of the most popular youth sports parenting sites on the web. (Okay, there actually aren’t that many competitors…but still!)

“I was sitting at Iron Bridge Park one Sunday afternoon, watching my older son’s all-star team practice and thought ‘I should start a site for travel ball parents to share ideas, advice, etc.’ I figured I’d have about 30 followers (all friends and family) and I’d probably get bored with the whole idea after a month or so and move onto some new Pinterest-inspired hobby. Boy, was I wrong!”

The site has taken off so much that Angela left her job in marketing to blog about travel ball full time. And she’s never looked back. “It doesn’t feel like work! I’m writing and talking about stuff I’d be thinking about anyway, since both my kids play baseball and my husband coaches.”

Angela grew up in Wrightsville, GA, (home of Herschel Walker and not too much else). After earning a degree in journalism from Georgia College in Milledgeville, she worked as a commercial producer at 13WMAZ in Macon. A couple years later, she got bored and moved across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area–the polar opposite of rural Middle Georgia in pretty much every way. In SF, Angela met her husband James, a die-hard Giants fan.

After having two sons and getting tired of the Bay Area’s ridiculous cost of living, the Weights moved back to Middle Georgia…Dublin, actually. It was there that their sons Andrew and Jack began playing baseball with the greatest youth league organization in the world – Dudley Little League. Each kid also played on a travel team and Angela began realizing that most of her life for the next dozen years would be spent at a ball field.

In 2014, an unexpected job transfer sent the Weights packing again. This time to Richmond, VA, (well, Midlothian, to be exact) where, thank goodness, there’s plenty of youth baseball going on. Andrew, 16, is now a junior at Cosby High School and plays for the RISE 2019 showcase team. Jack, age 12, plays for the RBA Ropes who are super excited to be heading to Cooperstown next summer.

When not at a ballgame, traveling to a ballgame, getting ready for a ballgame or unpacking from the last ballgame, Angela enjoys running…well, jogging with her two dogs Katie and Ayla, who stop and sniff more than jog.


Kari Hicks is a seasoned travel baseball mom. Her son is entering his sixth year of competitive travel baseball. He currently plays pitcher, catcher and third base. In the off-season, you will find him rollerblading and stick-handling around local parks when he’s not lacing up the ice skates for hockey.

Juggling a schedule is what Kari does best. She can be found across many local diamonds, helping manage tournaments, watching and photographing various games. One place you will rarely find her, however, is in the kitchen (not a fan of cooking) or perusing Pinterest for crafts that she will never have time to accomplish. She works full time in the engineering/manufacturing sector, and to say she’s a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan is an understatement. She’s still banking on her dream of seeing a weekend series out at AT&T Park and hopes to take a ride on Hunter Pence’s famed scooter! While fellow Travel Ball Parents founder (and good friend) Angela Weight travels to San Francisco annually, she has yet to pack Kari in her suitcase to tag along. The nerve!

Kari grew up in Canada. Southern Ontario, near Brantford (home of Wayne Gretzky) to be exact. She is a true Canadian by definition. She came out of the womb with skates on, bleeding blue and white for those Toronto Maple Leafs. A tomboy at heart, she grew up building forts and racing bikes with her brother and his friends/neighbors (forget hair braids and Barbie dolls). She also holds a Level II ice hockey referee certification.


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