A Website is Born.


Hi Travel Ball Parents and welcome to our site that was just hatched…oh, about 30 minutes ago. My husband and I have been chasing our kids, our time and our money from ball field to ball field for the past six years. They love it. And we love it. People seem to think we’re veterans at it because we constantly get questions from other parents ranging from “what bat should my seven year old be using” to “why is that coach acting like such a freaking jerk?” (The first one’s easier to answer than the second…unless the coach is your husband.)

Anyway, in doing a little research, I didn’t find any place online where parents can go to get their travel ball questions answered and receive guidance and suggestions from other moms and dads who are also muddling through this sports journey.

Yep, this is us.

Over the next few days, we’ll be populating the site with all kinds of useful info, setting up menus, categories, links and all that other stuff that will make travelballparents.com a go-to resource for people like you and me.

Sound good? Great!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I promise there will be more to see tomorrow.




Angela Weight

Founder and publisher of Travel Ball Parents.com, Angela Weight is still a little shocked to be running one of the most popular youth sports parenting sites on the web. Click the ABOUT US tab to read her story.

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