A Dropped Baseball Does Not Define You!


You’re gonna drop a lot of balls in your life, and it doesn’t make you less of a man, or woman or even less of a ballplayer.

Dropping a baseball does nothing more than maybe embarrass you in front of your peers for a bit, especially because everyone on that field knows you can normally do it with ease. And so, my message is clear; Take responsibility, keep working, keep pushing forward and never give up on yourself even after that error. Because I have news for you… a dropped baseball does not define you as a player AT ALL. In fact, it should only encourage you to look toward the next pop fly, your next at bat, your next pitching outing. In other words… forget it!


Stay positive!

I know…easier said than done. But you have to. Why? Because kids are allowed to make a mistakes… that’s because they’re kids. Everyone on the field knows it, so don’t get yourself crazy and stop you mind from racing, because if you keep thinking about it, or you hear a coach mumbling about it and you’re ‘worried’ about the next time,  there will be no advancement in your abilities. And so, you’ll end up stuck in a rut of feeling sorry for yourself.

Stand tall.

If you drop a baseball, look around at your team, pat your chest with your palm and acknowledge it. Say it! “That’s On me… on me“. And then, reset, look in at the batter and whisper to yourself some very important words; “Hit it to me”.


This is baseball. This game is full of challenges, kid. You MUST grind through it.

If you do, you can be great.

-Rob Monaco, Little League coach & Commissioner

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(featured photo by Beth Cocco)


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