Let’s Go Hit!


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“Let’s go hit.”

That’s how it started. You’d ask your son to take a couple swings, and when you’d get to the field, it would be a struggle. Your son is young. He’s awkward and a little inexperienced. He likes the game of baseball. But it’s not easy. A lot of missed pitches and a lot of tears along the way.

You try to guide him, but he’s easily frustrated. You can tell he wants it, but baseball is a game of failure, and it’s hard to get the hang of it. It takes practice.

“Let’s go hit.”

Some days it’s impossible to drag him there. When you ask, he shrugs, most likely because it’s hard and he doesn’t want to fail. But as his parent, or coach, giving a little nudge sometimes helps. This time there are more foul balls than strikeouts. He’s seeing the ball come out of your hand a little better. He’s making contact. With that contact… there’s a little confidence.

“Let’s go hit.”

When you ask him this time, he pops up from watching cartoons and throws his cleats on. He grabs his hat and when he steps in the batter’s box, he appears more determined. Sure, there are misses, but now his hits are put in play. There’s a smirk coming from his lips this time. His eyes sparkle. He’s overcoming fear. He’s gaining confidence. He’s cracked the code to hitting a baseball… something clicked.

“Let’s go hit.”

You turn around from doing yard work. There stands your son, now a ballplayer. He asks you if you can throw to him. His bat’s on his shoulder and he’s ready to go. This time, his Mike Trout swing crushes balls to the outfield. He adjusts his hands on two strikes, just a little choke to gain extra bat speed.

Abrahm Howard batting for the Southern Madison Sluggers (I have no idea why this photo is cut off.)
Abrahm Howard batting for the Southern Madison Sluggers

He’s conquered the fear of hitting and made it his passion. He’s learned his craft. He’s in love with this game… the same game he feared months before.

That’s the grind. That’s baseball.unforgettaballs this better work


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