6 Reasons Why We Love Two Seam Threads


As a youth sports blogger, I often receive products to review. Some are great and I gladly give them the TravelBallParents stamp of approval. Others are….well, interesting. (Not long ago, I had to email a company asking “what is this contraption you sent me? And what language is the packaging in? Do you have instructions in English? Oh, never mind, I think I just broke it.”)

This week’s review, a brand called Two Seam Threads, earns a hearty two thumbs up! Their t-shirts are bound to make their way to the top of the logo tee category. Here’s why.

1.Two-Seam Threads  are the lightest, softest, most comfortable t-shirts you’ll ever wear. (It’s 2017! Why, oh why, do we not have an app that allows you to touch and smell things online yet? I’m holding the world’s softest t-shirt and you just have to take my word for it!) They’re made of 50% polyester, 25% combed, ringspun cotton and 25% rayon soft jersey material. I can pretty much guarantee they’re softer than any t-shirt you have in your closet right now.

2.Awesome logo. The clean lines and simple design demonstrate the art form of a well thrown pitch and the game that we love.

Right now, my boys, Andrew and Jack are in the “expensive-name-brand-logos-only” stage of life. Two-Seam Threads is the first new t-shirt brand they actually want to wear. And people are always asking where we got them. Two-Seam Threads is going to catch on BIG TIME. Remember, you read it here first.

Andrew and Jack showing off their Two Seams along with their two seams.

3.Versatility. These tees look just as good with a pair of khakis as they do with gym shorts.

4. The right price. I’d expect to pay more for a shirt this comfortable and stylish. But I’m not complaining. Two Seam Threads tees range from $11.95, for youth sizes, to $24.95 for adult long sleeve versions.

5. Tees aren’t all they make. Two-Seam Threads also has a line of cool looking trucker caps.

6.They have a great back story. Two-Seam Threads isn’t some foreign company with no connection to baseball. It was founded and is run by a pro baseball player. 26-year-old left-handed pitcher Dan Meyer started the business during a hiatus from the minor leagues. He grew up on the baseball diamond just like our kids are doing and he embodies the “baseball is life” philosophy.

Dan’s mom Eileen has been his number one fan and supporter throughout his years on the mound and in the apparel business. I can so relate to her stories when she talks about Dan and all that baseball has meant to their family.

I absolutely love this memory that Eileen shares.

“When Dan was a college senior, his team made it to the D2 regional championship. It was down to the last game and Dan was the starting pitcher. Lots of rosaries said that day by yours truly. He ended up pitching a complete game on two days rest…with a one hour nineteen minute rain delay. They won the regionals, which qualified them for the College World Series. This all happened to be on graduation day!  During the celebration, the dean of his college showed up with an entourage at the school in North Carolina where the game was played. Dan and the other seniors graduated that day on the baseball field!  Even when I type this I tear up. I can never get through the story without shedding a tear or two!”

TravelBallParents.com is proud to partner with Dan, Eileen and Two-Seam Threads! Click any of the photos in this post to visit their site. I guarantee that you’ll become a fan just like we are.


Angela Weight

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