5 Meaningless Baseball Recruiting Myths You’ll Hear from Parents


 #5. My son was invited to “Insert showcase/camp here”

Do not mistake “you are invited” for “you are invited because you are really good, and we love you.” Showcases and camps have gotten very good at marketing. It may seem like you’ve been singled out, but 99.9% of invites are to a mass audience. People find ways to get your emails. Just because you wound up on a mailing list doesn’t mean they know anything about you personally.

I got an email on Monday from a college camp saying I’ve been “identified as a top high school player in my area.” Email me and I’ll forward it to you for proof.

#4. Our coach played pro ball, so he gets it.

In no way am I disrespecting pro baseball players. I’d give anything to achieve that. But just because you can cook doesn’t mean you should own a restaurant. I know pro’s with 10 year+ MLB careers who have made calls to college coaches on players behalves and not had the calls returned. Heck, I’d return it just to say I spoke to the guy. It doesn’t matter. They usually have no idea what it looks like at certain college levels. They might be able to tell you about the kid who could play pro ball, but what about the borderline D1/2/3 guy? Do they know what that looks like? Most likely not.

#3. My son is ranked #X on “name the website”

Rankings are done by the companies who you are paying to rank your son. Rankings are not done by college coaches. This will not impress the coaches. If you’re a highly ranked player, chances are you don’t need that ranking site for coaches to recognize your talent.

Things you’ll never hear a coach say:

“Man, I really like both these guys, but Johnny is ranked higher on XYZ.com, so we will take him.”

#2. You can check his stats on “Insert stat website here”

The only reason a coach would ever look at this is to see if a kid is actually playing or not. Oh yeah, people actually lie about being on high school teams. As a coach I’d only look at stat websites to check a kid’s schedule or see if he’s actually been getting in games. Coaches don’t really care what your era or batting average is…but it better be good ; ) Sweating over a point on your era or 25 points on your average is the absolute last thing you should be worrying about. Also, coaches know that high school stats usually aren’t kept as strictly as those at Yankee Stadium. Read more here about if stats matter.

Things you’ll never hear a coach say:

“Man, I really like both these guys, but Johnny hit 50 points higher in high school, so we will take him.”

#1. My son loves baseball and is a really hard worker.

Just being a hard worker doesn’t get you to the next level.  Working hard is a prerequisite, not an accolade. You better be a hard worker, or you’ll have a very short career. Coaches just don’t need to hear it.  They want to see if you are smart enough, good enough, and have the right makeup.  Working hard is a must.

Things you’ll never hear a coach say:

“Man, I really like both these guys, but Johnny’s dad told me he works hard, so we’ll take him.”

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