5 Favorite Baseball Mom Pinterest Finds


I’ve been wasting too much time on Pinterest lately. But is it really wasting time if you’re discovering all kinds of great ideas like the ones below? I think not. But don’t ask my husband.

When you check out these five awesome baseball finds, I think you’ll agree, it was time well spent. 😉

Lifes Collections

  1. LifeCollections.com offers six unique ways to display those prized home run balls. 

moms guide to fall ball

2. Fantastic article from MakingOurLifeMatter.com

softball pumpkin


3. I’m so doing this with a white pumpkin and one of my son’s old caps. Maybe shorten the eyelashes (only because I have boys).

phillies wreath

4. Super creative baseball wreath ideas from Blovelyevents.com. 

cap rings


5. Imagine a world without baseball caps on every horizontal surface of your house! Yes, it can be a reality. PassionPinkandPearls blog shows us how with curtain ring hooks and mini rods.



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