3 Tips for Freshman College Athletes


By Brian Scanlon, founder of The Recruiting Coaches

As we see our players off to college, we want to wish the kids in our class of 2017 the best of luck and offer some advice.  Here are three actions you should take EVERY SINGLE DAY from the moment you arrive on campus.


1) Go to class.

Sounds simple, right? It’s not. The first few weeks are easy. Then you start getting tired. The snooze button can become a familiar friend. Don’t let it. Showing up is the absolute easiest thing you can do. Wake up, brush your teeth, be presentable, be on time. It sounds so easy, but I promise you the guys who fall into academic trouble are the ones who get too friendly with the snooze button. Answer the bell!

Bonus Tip: Don’t sit in the back row.  You don’t have to sit in the front, but be center of the room, not in the back.

2) Compete.

Remember that cool commitment tweet with the college logo faded over a picture of you swinging the bat that got all those likes? Nobody cares about it. All the other incoming freshmen tweeted their commitment too. The upperclassmen already have a year, or years, of COLLEGE baseball under their belts. The upperclassmen have also seen guys lose their job to freshman. Some of them probably took jobs when they were freshman. So, you can bet your butt that they will be competing with you. Understand that the best 9 will be on the field, not the 9 best. The best 9 is the best TEAM that a coach can put together. If you compete at every single rep starting day 1, coaches will recognize that. Compete at everything, and don’t assume you are entitled to any playing time. You earn playing time by capitalizing on opportunities.

Bonus Tip: Leave your HS gear and Perfect Game gear at home.  You’ll get new gear to wear.  If you don’t get any immediately, then grab a bookstore tee shirt. You’re on a new team now.

3) Call your parents.

Why? They miss you, they’re scared to death that you’re not home, and they are a HUGE reason why you have the opportunity to get a college education. Taking 5 minutes per day to call them is very easy. It’s also easy to put off. Don’t put it off. Also, you’re going to miss home. Coach is going to yell at you. You’re going to make errors. You’re going to bomb a test. Don’t call them only when you need to be comforted, need to complain, or need money. All they “need” is to hear from you. This will stick with you well beyond college when you REALLY NEED them.

Bonus Tip:  When you go home for the first time, remember you are back under their roof.  Respect that.  Rolling in at 3am to your college dorm might be okay, but mom & dad might not agree with it at home.

Founder and head coach of The Recruiting Coaches, Brian Scanlon is an expert at helping players make the right connections and impressions with college scouts. Scanlon will be sharing his knowledge in our upcoming Facebook Live broadcast, “College Baseball Recruiting Q and A,” Thursday, October 5th, 8 pm, EST.


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