40 New Year’s Resolutions from Real-Life Travel Ball Parents

DISCLAIMER: The following resolutions were shared by real travel ball parents across the U.S. (Names have been changed in some cases. See if you notice a theme there.) These resolutions are a mixture of serious, funny, sarcastic, sincere and inspirational. But mainly they’re lighthearted thoughts we can all relate to. We already know that many people don’t make resolutions. Please don’t lecture us on why resolutions don’t work and you don’t waste your time with them.

Happy 2018 to all you travel ball families out there. Whether you’re counting down the days until baseball/softball season starts back up or you haven’t had a break from tournaments, no doubt your kids’ practices and games are on your mind to some extent. As parents, there are always things we want to improve on; and there’s no better time than this new year to get started. .

Let’s see how many of these resolutions you can relate to.

From moms…


  1. “To not get thrown out of a game by an umpire this year.” – Donna J.
  2. “I resolve to not buy, look at or even consider white pants for our upcoming spring season regardless of how nice they match our jerseys!!! Lol” – Kelly K.
  3. “To pack the cooler correctly. (Drinks go in before ice. lol)” – Tracy D.
  4. “To not to spend so much money on unnecessary baseball gear just because a teammate has it.” – Lori B.
  5. “I will not forget to get the cleats out of the car in July when it’s 100 degrees outside. – Angela M. 
  6. I will not shake the fence and yell helpful coaching advice no matter how right I am.”- Joy B.
  7. “To communicate and coordinate game attendance better with my ex husband (so that the police don’t get called as much.) jk” – Sandy R.
  8. “To hire a team nanny so we can actually watch the games instead of chasing younger siblings.” – Angie W. (Editor’s Note:Now that’s a great idea! Why haven’t we thought of this before?)
  9. “To not drive under the influence of my phone. On the way to games and practices or any other time. Lynn F.
  10. “I resolve to take more pictures and “advise” less.” – Sabrina S.
  11. “To not get sucked into all the parent drama that has nothing to do with me.” – Phyllis V(ance Refrigeration).
  12. “Just have fun and find new ways to stay dry.” – Pam B.
  13. “To not sit next to ‘you-know-who’ at games anymore just so I can get dirt on her.” – Holly F.
  14. “I am going to learn to read and understand those freaking overly complicated tournament brackets.” Amy W.
  15. “To show up on time for all my kid’s games.” – Veronica C.
  16. “I resolve to be nicer to the umpires this year and not constantly assume that they’re being paid off by the other team. And to be less paranoid about people in general.” – Brittany K.
  17. “To not yell ‘CALL IT!’ every time a fly ball is hit.” – Meredith P.
  18. “To not say negative things about coaches, teammates or other parents in front of my kid.” – Tina L.
  19. “Try hard not to judge other moms on the team, even though I want to smack some of them.” – Laura D.
  20. “Always look for a positive when my son asks me how he did that day.” – Jennifer B.
  21. “To not wait until game day to wash baseball pants.” – Debbie M.
  22. “To do whatever it takes to get my kid on the all-star team this year.” – Karen F.
  23. “To bring more healthy snacks to the games and not rely on the concession stand so much.” – Michelle B.
  24. “I resolve to trust my son’s instincts and baseball skills, and to remember that I’m not his coach.”- Wendy L.
  25. “To not wait until it’s too late to book our hotel rooms for out-of-town tournaments.” – Jan L. 

And a few from the dads…

    1. “To not wear anything to the ballpark that isn’t first approved by my wife.” Michael S.
    2. “Try not to let my temper embarrass my kid.” – Jim H.
    3. “I resolve to not want to win more than my son does.” – David W.
    4. “Try not to turn playing catch with my kid into a lesson every time. Just play catch for the fun of it sometimes.” Brandon F.
    5. “Try to see things from the coach’s point of view instead of assuming that he’s an idiot.” – Stephen P.
    6. “Back off from coaching for a while.” – Toby F.
    7. “To not let work get in the way of watching my kid play ball. – Oscar M.
    8. To not accept any bribes from parents. To not accept any small bribes from parents.” – Darrell P.
    9. “To remember that my son and daughter are the ones playing ball. Not me. I’m there to support them.” – Dwight S.
    10. “To only discuss performance if HE comes to me and asks what I think. And even so, NEVER right after a game.”- Chris G.
    11. “Try not to assume that I know what my son wants or should want from the game. To listen to him more.” – Andy B.
    12. “To find a better team for my son. This one ain’t working.” – Stanley H.
    13. “To stop secretly hoping that the cocky, spoiled ‘team MVP coach’s son’ will strike out or miss the ball.” – Kevin. M
    14. “To volunteer my time and get my kids involved with Challenger Baseball or a similar baseball organization.” – Ryan H.
    15. “I resolve to help make things better with the team rather than sitting back and complaining.” – Creed B.

Any resolutions or thoughts you’d like to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  • January 1, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    To make sure that I always have umbrellas, pop tent, and sleeping bag in the car. In Chicago it could go from 20 degrees to 100 within the same weekend…


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