The Concessions and Dining Hall at Cooperstown Dreams Park


Angela here….We just got back to Richmond last night after super fun week at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Before scaling a mountain range of putrid laundry, I wanted to answer some of your questions about the food at the park. As always, I’m happy to provide insight where I can.

Q. Will you please post photos of the concessions menus? 

A. I’m not the best photographer, but here ya go! Hopefully you can zoom in and see individual items and prices, which are fairly reasonable for ballpark concessions.

A little closer look.

Q. Do the concession stands at Dreams Park accept debit/credit cards? 

A. Yes, they do! Thank goodness! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything.

Q. How far are the concession stands located from the ball fields?

A. It’s all laid out very conveniently. A concession stand and restrooms are at the center of every group of four ball fields. So, when your kid is playing, you never have to walk far for a drink or snack.

Q. Are the concession stand lines long?

A. Like anywhere, the lines vary depending on the time of day and what’s going on. When the last game of the night was over and players were hungry, the lines could get quite long. Otherwise it wasn’t bad at all.

Q. Will you post a pic of the menu at the dining hall where the players and coaches eat their meals?

A. Sure thing! It’s not gourmet, but I never heard anyone complain.

Jack says his favorite thing in the dining hall was the orange cake. He also spoke highly of the scrambled eggs, bacon and baked ziti.

Q. My son has a peanut allergy, how does Dreams Park address food allergies? 

A. They’re very serious about food allergies. The only thing available in the dining hall containing a peanut product are Uncrustables. And those are just an optional snack players can grab if they want. Dreams Park has a peanut free table where kids can eat their meals and staff members wipe it down thoroughly after every use.

Dining hall servers are also very aware of which kids have what allergies. My son was known to all dining hall personnel as Jack Weight with the fish/seafood allergy.

“Every time you walk in for a meal, they ask if you have any food allergies, so it would be nearly impossible for them to not know someone had an allergy unless the person refused to tell them.”–Jack Weight

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