Yet Another Update to USSSA’s Banned Bat List


We received this last night from USSSA.

“Following further consideration, the 30” and 29” 2018 DeMarini CF Zen 2 ¾” (-10) model bats have been removed from USSSA’s Disallowed Bat List.  Effective immediately, these bats will be allowed in USSSA sanctioned play. The 28”, 31” and 32” 2018 DeMarini CF Zen 2 ¾” (-10) model bats remain on the Disallowed Bat List; such disallowances are provisional pending further consideration.”

What are these decisions based on? A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors? Hormone fluctuations? A Roulette wheel?

“29 and 30″ are perfectly acceptable, but we’ll have nothing to do with 28, 31 and 32″ bats.” What? How different can they possibly be? And is “disallowances” even a word?

Given USABat and USSSA’s unpredictability lately, no on knows what to expect anymore.

“Effective immediately, all bats featuring any shade of green (including bat tape) are now disallowed from USSSA play.”

Update:“29” and 31″ bats featuring lime green stripes are now allowed for USSSA play.”

Update: “28” bats featuring lime green stripes on a black background are now allowed for USSSA play on Wednesdays and Saturdays in locations with average monthly rainfall above 6 inches.”

How are people going to keep up?

Coach Dad D Bahl: “Blue! That kid is swinging an illegal bat!”

Blue: “Nah. He’s good! USSSA removed that model from their disallowed list 4 minutes ago. Check your phone.”

Coach: “But it was added to the disallowed list 8 minutes ago.”

Sheesh! Wood is looking better and better.


Note: The exaggerated examples of USSSA bat rule changes above are completely satirical and made up by our editor who thinks she’s funny. To our knowledge, USSSA has nothing against the color green. 

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