National Day of Prayer 2018 – Baseball/Softball Teams that Pray Together


In honor of National Day of Prayer 2018, we wanted to give a shout out to baseball and softball teams all over the country who take time to pray before and/or after their games. It’s not uncommon to see two teams join together on the pitcher’s mound to begin or end their game by giving thanks to God.

We love the team prayer photos you guys send us like the ones below. The caption of the first photo was a note we received a couple years ago. It’s a must-read.

Regardless of your religion or spiritual perspective, athletes who make prayer a regular part of their training and game play say that it improves their attitude, self confidence and mental strength. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. Praying together as a team builds unity, strengthens communication and helps players to focus more on the good of the team rather than their own purposes and desires.

If you’d like to begin leading your team in prayer, here’s a great guide. Athletes in Action: How to Pray Before, During and After Competition. 

Got a photo of your team coming together for prayer, please share it with us in the comments.

Hi! Just wanted to share: The picture above is from a tournament in Fayetteville, NC. It was the last tournament of the season and our son’s team lost terribly. (Our son plays for the Carolina Rebels out of Fayetteville and we had played the Wayne County Strike Eagles.) We lost like 20 something to like 2. I can’t remember the exact score, but it was bad…for us. LoL. Each team prayed before the game, like most teams do. But when the game was over, the other team asked that both teams come together on the pitcher’s mound. At that moment I wasn’t sure what they were doing as another team was waiting to take the field. I watched as these 2 teams met on the pitcher’s mound to pray together. My son has played a LOT of tournaments, in a lot of towns, but I had never seen 2 teams come together like this. It was awesome and touching and I just kinda felt like it should be shared. —-Brandy Jackson, Fayetteville, NC
12U Lady Stormers Memorial Day Madness Prayer Circle Both Teams and Umps before the Championship Game
Elon Phoenix and Truth Baseball – this happens after every game that these two teams play against each other.
This is how Bombsquad in Jacksonville, Fl plays baseball on Sundays! #blessedtoplayball
This is Marucci Elite Forbes 15U from Baton Rouge, LA and Viper Baseball Academy from Alabama. Both teams came together to pray after a game this past July at LakePoint Sporting Complex in Atlanta, GA. It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning when this game ended, but you would have never known watching these young men enjoy their time together on the field. What it’s all about!! ⚾
Next Level 12u devotions before game.
DC Titans, Dinwiddie, VA
OHIO GLORY 04 and JABC RIOT prior to our game
Shelbyville Angels praying with their competition.
Photo sent in by John Coffman of his team praying with the team they were about to play.
Praying together with the other team after they’d just finished a very close, competitive game this summer ⚾❤

Most Valuable Prayer: MU Athletes on the Importance of Their Faith

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