10 Christmas Gifts that Coaches Really Want


If you’re scouring Pinterest boards, still trying to figure out what the heck to get your kid’s coach for Christmas, rest easy! And check out these gift ideas suggested by real-live baseball and softball coaches.

1.Gas cards

In the history of travel ball, has there ever been a gift more appropriate? We think not.

2.Auto Detailing Gift Certificate

And if you’d like to send a gift to your favorite travel ball blogger, my car is disgusting right now…hint, hint.

3.Bucket organizer

Give Coach a way to keep everything organized and within reach. Because the only reason he should have to get off his bucket is to question the umpire.

4. Reinbeer! 

Chug Dasher! Chug Dancer! Chug Prancer and Vixen! If your coach is really popular and/or stressed out, you might want to give him several teams of reinbeer.

5. Baseballs 

6. And more balls

7. Cash

It’s hard to beat greenbacks.

8. A personalized fungo

Click the image to design yours and save 20%.

9.Personalized team ornament

Coach quote: “For me it’s something that reminds me of the player. For instance this year a player gave me an ornament for my tree. Every year when i put it on the tree i will think of her. A ball with all the players names on it would be a great gift.”

10. Team photo album

Coach Quote: A photo album full of pictures of the team to remind them why they put up with parents!

Caution: Go easy on the gift personalization for male coaches. (Well, that’s what I’m told, anyway. Not trying to start a gender war here.) A friend once shared about receiving a new ball bucket from a group of zealously crafty team moms. They had decoupaged two dozen photos from the season around the bucket’s surface area, transforming it into a mobile scrapbook. The Wilson logo was obscured by “Coach Thomas” pasted in oversized bubble letters. The moms beamed with pride as they handed over their masterpiece to Coach Thomas who stood awkwardly, reminiscent of Ralphie modeling his new bunny suit in A Christmas Story.

“Every time I used it, it was like I was carrying my wife’s purse around. But I really did appreciate all the work they did on it,” he admitted. Below are suggestions of intangible things coaches would like to receive for Christmas…quoted verbatim. 

“A player agreement that you will wait 24 hours before contacting after games/practices if you have a problem. Players showing up on time and prepared to practice/play. Parents working with their kids outside of practice. I could keep going but as most coaches say I don’t do it for gifts.”

“Genuine desire to improve.”

“Absolutely nothing! To see these young ladies grow as ball players and human beings is the best gift a coach could ask for! Maybe a simple ‘thanks, Coach'”

“Do better in school”

“They want hot moms” (watch it, buddy)

“Dingers and defense!”

“Parents who pay attention. Nothing is more annoying to a coach than having a parent call him the morning of the game to ask “Do we have a game today?” after you have emailed and texted them about the game and there’s a website with the schedule at their avail any time they need to check if there’s a game or not.”

“Another pitcher, a lefty slapper and a power bat!”

“It’s a gift everyday to get to coach my team and see the progress they make as ball players and young men.”



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