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We travel ball moms are always focusing on what our players need. A new bat because the other one cracked. New team uniforms because someone decided they were necessary. New batting gloves because the current ones reek like something dead. New cleats because the practically new ones are too small.

But what about us? We’re at the ball field as much as they are. And we need our own gear.
For starters, the right tote bag is a top priority. It’s got to be roomy and durable. And stylish, of course. There’s no other item we rely on more to hold all our necessities.
Since we at know a thing or seven about what makes a perfect ball field bag, we’re super excited to present Travel Ball Life totes. They’re constructed to last season after season of tournaments and overnight travel. Plus they’re roomy enough to carry all the essentials and accessories a ball mom needs.

Travel Ball Life totes are made in the USA. They’re customized by top-rated Etsy bag designer Stephanie Boarman of the shop Threaded. And she also happens to be a baseball mom.

Our four original Travel Ball Life designs reflect the lifestyle of us on-the-go ball parents.

Take a break from shopping for your player and visit the TBP Shop for the best ball field bag you’ll ever carry.

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Angela Weight

Founder and publisher of Travel Ball, Angela Weight is still a little shocked to be running one of the most popular youth sports parenting sites on the web. Click the ABOUT US tab to read her story.

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