Baseball Themed Halloween – great ideas for a home run holiday


If your kids are like mine, they incorporate baseball into everything they do. My 10-year-old brings his infielder’s glove grocery shopping, in case the produce guy wants to play catch. My 14-year-old wears his elastic uniform belt with khakis to church. (That’s quite a look!) Given that baseball dominates everything in our world, it only makes sense that our Halloween costumes and decor will comply with this theme.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest in search of creative ways to combine baseball with trick-or-treating. I’ve also gotten some super cute photos from you guys showing me your favorite costumes. (GO GIANTS!!!) So, if you’re reading this thinking “Oh Crap! Halloween’s two weeks away and I still don’t have a pumpkin on the front porch, much less costumes for the kiddos” rest easy and take note of these creative and simple baseball-themed Halloween ideas.


ned yost found on wapc mlb com
A poster board, markers, uniform and bat and BAM! You’re a baseball card coming to life. (Feel free to choose someone other than Ned Yost. Not that there’s anything wrong with Ned Yost. Wait, who is Ned Yost?)
halloween timmy and beard
Or skip the baseball card and become your favorite player. Around 2010, these two cuties dressed as SF Giants pitchers, Brian (Fear the Beard) Wilson and Timmy (the Freak) Lincecum. Thanks to Jamie Pereira for the photo.
fear the beard
Even moms love Brian Wilson, who is no longer a Giant. (Where is he now anyway?) Thanks for the cute photo, Sheree Styrlund.
timmy costume
Another Big Time Timmy Jim, the Freak, Tim Lincecum. So cute! Thanks, Julie Floyd, for the photo.
Giants fans Halloween
Or a finger-headed fan. (In all fairness, I asked for photos from parents affiliated with ANY team.) Thanks to Janece Shellooe for the great photo.
kid trophy
Got gold spray paint and a solid rectangle something to use as a base? Be a trophy for Halloween. Perhaps the base could double as a candy container.
Myles Montoya
Wear your favorite team’s uniform. Last year, Yankee slugger, Myles Montoya celebrated Halloween with two Rockford Peaches cuties. Thanks to his mom, Brooke, for the photo.
player with hands in pants
found on pinterest
To keep Halloween scary, try a blood-dripping, cranial embedded baseball. Get rid of the stitching and it makes a convincing tumor. sort of.
head baseball
Not sure you want a baseball on your head? How about your head as a baseball? (I think I went out with that guy once.)
baseball dress
Or just BE a baseball.
found on etsy com
found on
dodgers pregnant chick
Or be “with baseball.” Don’t get pregnant JUST to wear this costume. That’s no reason to have a child.
found on boston dot come
If your kid can’t decide on a player to dress as, maybe he could be a stadium instead. (Un-crafty moms need not apply.)
stadium vendor karaspartyideasdotcom
Or if your kid’s more comfortable working the stands, try this cute costume. found on
if your kid prefers the concession stand
The perfect costume for younger siblings who spend all their time at the concession stand.


ball in the eye
Simple. I could probably do this without screwing it up too badly.
baseball pumpkin
and maybe this too
world series
But not this. I’d have to buy 10 pumpkins to practice on.
softball pumpkin
Angry softball chick
Too funny! Is that a puddle of paint? Or did they caulk this jack-o-lantern to the floor?
degree in pumpkin carving
For the parent who has a degree in pumpkin carving.
Someone please come over and carve this for me.
jackolantern baseball2
How cute is this! For the ultimate collectible Halloween baseball, visit Unforgettaballs!

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