17 Creative Ideas for Baseball and Softball Team Portraits


I have several scrapbooks filled with team photos from every sport my sons have ever played. And they all have a few things in common.

  1. The photos cost at least $20 for an 8 x 10, usually more. But you wouldn’t even think of not buying one. (I gave up purchasing the big packages because I never gave all the pictures out and didn’t have the heart to throw them away. So I created card games with the leftovers. We’d play “Portrait Go Fish.” “Give me all your Andrew 2005 Rec Ball Dodgers.” “Go fish. Do you have any 2008 Jack Little League Astros?” ‘Go fish!”
  2. Each portrait has team members lined up in two rows with coaches standing uncomfortably in the back, wearing their “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” expressions.
  3. At least one kid has his shirt untucked. Another is wearing dirty baseball pants (probably mine). Two others aren’t looking at the camera. At least one is wearing a smile so exaggerated, it makes your face hurt. If the boys are older, then they’re all glaring at the camera like they’re challenging the photographer to “COME AT ME!”
  4. I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for all the Botox in Hollywood.

However, since starting Travel Ball Parents, I’ve noticed that team portraits have come a long way in style and creativity over the last few years. Here are some of my favorites that have been sent in. If your fall league is having picture day soon, think about changing things up a little with some of the team portrait ideas below.

The Farm Team! Pinterest via Facebook. What a great photo! Old barns are all the rage for photo shoots these days. (And meth labs, but that’s a whole different blog. One that I don’t write, thank goodness.)
From back in the days when life was in black and white, comes this unique vintage portrait. Found on Flickr.
Coaching Families Through the College Recruiting Process
Found on frenzy-designs.com. Perfectville? Thank God that’s not a real place. Love this sassy girls’ softball team photo.
Courtesy articles.orlandosentinel.com. I really want to duplicate this with my 10 year old’s team. But you know at least one of them is going to spit on me. It’s just too tempting.
Lisa Brink Hayes Photo
Courtesy of Lisa Brinks Hayes Photography. How cool are those player silhouettes above the team!!!
Courtesy of tomboyvintage.com. Awesome! Hands down!!! (pun intended)
Contributed by Jeremy Galbreath. Who doesn’t love a WANTED poster? This is such a fun team photo option.
Found on Jeffco.edu. As awesome as this team photo is, I’m convinced that it would only work with girls. Boys, regardless of age, would turn the dugout and beams into a fight club jungle gym.
Found on USSSA.com. What a powerful team photo. Love their stance. As long as they’re facing forward. If it were done from the back, they’d look like members of the uri-nation.
Contributed by Amanda Knight-Stevers. Love the special effects used in this portrait. Kind of makes it seem like the team has magical powers.
Found on Pinterest. And super cute!
black and white pic
Courtesy of Julianne Bash Knowles. Black and white is always a great idea for portraits…unless you’re photographing a rainbow.
Contributed by Michelle Powers Jenkins. Love the cartoonist look of this photo.
pool shot
Contributed by Sara Burdick. While this was probably a well-timed parent-taken photo, it could be recreated by a professional. Let’s just hope he or she would get it right on the first try.
climbing the fences
A word of caution…I wouldn’t try this with “every” team.
backs turned
Sent in by Jennifer Kaiser Backman. ..I love the back turned shot, but am curious as to why some of them had their hands up. Let’s hope they weren’t being robbed.
green softball
Found on Pixgood. Love the girls’ stances and positioning. Such a striking photo. But looking at the giant brown cloud in the sky, I worry that a “shit storm” might be brewing. (Sorry.)

And now three more super creative team photos we received after hitting publish the first time.

Awesome!!!! It’s like a cross between super heroes and an Allman Brothers album cover. I love it!
front and back
It’s a study guide to match the players’ fronts with their backs. I’d totally bring my 8 x 10 to every game until I recognized every kid, front or back. They all look so much alike out on the field.
Don’t you love how each kid is in a different baseball related position? That’s brilliant.


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