15 Essential Songs For Your Team DJ’s Playlist


Dugout disc jockeys are a controversial topic on the travel baseball/softball team circuit these days. Either you love their tunes or you want to smash their speakers with your kid’s new Demarini Voodoo.

But for the sake of this article, we’ll assume that you love the idea of blaring music to pump up the players and fans. The DJ dad for my 10-year-old son’s team goes by DJ SK.

Here’s his signature.


We call him DJ SK because, well, no one knows his real name. What, with all his aliases, it’s just easier to go by DJ SK.

In addition to having two walk-up songs cued and ready for every batter, DJ SK has an impressive knack for choosing the perfect music and/or sound effect for every ballgame situation. Last weekend, as he instinctively played the Jeopardy theme song during a tense coach vs umpire moment at the plate, I thought, “other teams might appreciate us sharing some of DJ SK’s timely rhythms.”

So I asked him to write something.

And he did. (see below.)

 Top 15 Songs for Youth Baseball/Softball Games

I will give situations and then proceed with some songs that kids relate to regardless of whether they’re familiar with them or not. Some songs can be used in various situations. Again its up to the DJ to bring the song to life. Of course you would need the radio edit version of everything

The team takes the field warming up first inning: in defense.
        Come with Me Now – Kongos
        Ready to Rumble – Jock Jams
        Kick the Dust Up – Luke Bryan
        We Ready – Bubba Sparxxx & Archie Eversole

The team is ready for offense.

        GDFR –  Flo Rida
        Seven Nation Army – White Stripes                                                                                                                         Light ‘Em Up – Fall Out Boy

When a heavy hitter is coming to bat.
         Here Comes the Boom – Nelly

After the players come up with a huge out or they  get three outs and the crowd is going wild.
        Jump Around – House of Pain vs Kriss Kross
        Are You Ready for This – Jock Jams
        Turn Down for What – DJ Snake and Lil Jon
        Thunderstruck – ACDC

You need a couple of fun ones the kids like dancing to.
       Watch Me Whip – Sliento
       Tequila – the Champs
       Teach Me How to Dougie – Cali Swag District

This list just scratches the surface but it will get you started.  Of course real DJ’s cant possibly list everything. It would take three days to do that.  I can’t let you see all my show cards. lol  Good Luck and have fun with it.


So what are the favorites on your team’s playlist? Share them in the comments.


Angela Weight

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