12 Life Lessons from Pitcher Roy Halladay, a Class Act Both On and Off the Mound


I always loved watching Roy Halladay pitch. There was just something about his delivery and demeanor that showed he was no average ballplayer. Oh, and throwing that perfect game in May, 2010 and another no-hitter in the same season. Those, his Cy Young awards and many other victories sealed Halladay’s fate as an MLB legend.

Yesterday, after hearing the heartbreaking news of his death, I began reading through hundreds of tweets from Halladay and those touched by him. His own observations about life and the poignant tributes of others made it clear that there was much more to the right handed hurler than his arsenal of pitches. Roy truly “walked the walk,” demonstrating so many positive traits that we hope and pray to instill in our own kids.

If your young ballplayers don’t know much about “Doc” Halladay except that he was a great pitcher who tragically passed away yesterday, share this post with them. His good character was just as impactful as his accomplishments on the diamond. Actually, more.

Success requires a strong work ethic.

Show sincere gratitude to those who help you along the way.

Choose humility over ego. Always!

Be loyal to your roots.

At the end of his baseball career, after a stellar four-year run with the Philadelphia Phillies, Halladay signed a one-day ceremonial contract with his beloved Toronto Blue Jays so that he could retire as a Blue Jay. 

Everyone wrestles with fear, even the world’s greatest athletes.

Share your gifts with others.

Believe in a power greater than yourself.

Take time out for laughter and lightheartedness.

Be generous with your time and your wealth.

Choose to see the positive in every situation.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals.

Choose your priorities wisely.

Rest in peace, Doc. May your legacy of hard work, friendship, teamwork, kindness, generosity and humility inspire many generations of ballplayers (and anyone else with a heart).





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