11 Essentials for Staying Warm at Ball Tournaments this Winter


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Have I mentioned lately how much I utterly despise cold weather? Well I do.  Winter is great….. in Christmas carols and snow globes. But that’s it! Ironically or unfortunately…or both, moving to Virginia from South Georgia offers way too many reminders of how much I hate winter. Because it’s COLD here. (Go ahead and judge me, Northerners!)

With two boys who play travel baseball into late fall when temps start to dip, and a noticeable lack of indoor ball fields around here, I can’t hibernate like I want to. Yesterday, for instance, was the trifecta of misery. Low temps, wind AND drizzling rain, (but not enough to stop the game). By the third inning, I was an irritable, shivering mom-sicle, secretly praying for a run-rule… or the rapture.

This afternoon, my body and brain were still thawing out from yesterday’s endurance test. As soon as my extremities were once again operational, I shook my right fist in the air Scarlett O’Hara style, vowing “As God is my witness, I’ll never be THAT cold at a ballgame again!”

me looking stupid
Me, looking goofy, but warm.

Keeping this vow required a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods®, which, conveniently, is right down the street from my house, and online 24 hours a day. In order to survive the next few months of travel ball, I’d need a few essentials.

11 to be exact!

If you’ve found yourself freezing your badonkadonk off lately because you don’t want to miss a minute of your kid’s ballgame, I feel your frost bitten pain. Here’s a list of the warmth essentials I found today at Dicks Sporting Goods®. They’ll make exposure to the elements more bearable.

Here’s what I got.

1. A Good Pairclose up clothes of Boots: Waterproof, insulated and thickly-lined are what I recommend.

  1. Warm Head Covering: It’s true what they say about body heat escaping through your head. Put a lid on that thing to keep your natural warmth resources inside where they belong.
  2. The Right Jacket or Coat: One with a two-layered shell that’s well-insulated. (A Dick’s sales gal was great in helping me find the right jacket for my outdoor activities, which include sitting, pacing, going to the concession stand, going to the bathroom, etc.)

  3. Ear Protection: I prefer a thick, furry headband over earmuffs, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. Wool Socks: Good boots still need warm socks. I even found pink ones. My favorite!hand warmers 2

  5. Thermal Under Garments: I could LIVE in my thermals. They’re a necessity for every travel ball parent. Just be sure to wear something over them.

  6. A Good Pair of Gloves: These are just as important as the “good pair of boots” referenced above, because there’s nothing worse than when your fingers are so cold, you’re sure they’re going to break off and fall to the ground any second.

8 and 9. Hand and Foot Warmers: Not only are these great for parents and siblings, but both my sons carry hand warmers in their bat bags. They’re as vital as sunflower seeds during cold weather.

  1. A Heated Seat: This round, stuffed pad employs the same magical heating powers as hand and foot warmers. It’s beyond my comprehension, but well for hours at a time. (In the top of the photo above, this is the round, camo thing.)

heater damnit

  1. Portable Heater: I actually got two of these. One for fans and one for players in the dugout. Even dressed in three layers, sometimes you still need a heater.

and here are a couple of bonuses…

  1. Cold Weather Batting Gloves: Dick’s sells them and my boys will be getting them for Christmas.
  • Don’t forget the BLANKETS. I always keep one or two in the car.

  • Oh…and 14. a Sports Umbrella Canopy Shield thingy to block the wind. How could I have forgotten that!!!!


    Angela Weight

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    2 thoughts on “11 Essentials for Staying Warm at Ball Tournaments this Winter

    • October 28, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      Thermacare heat wraps!! I buy the ones for lower back. It wraps around like a belt and stays warm for 8 HOURS!!! Love them! With those I don’t even always need a coat!


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