10 Brilliant and Practical Mother’s Day Gifts for Travel Ball Moms


Pssst. Hey Dads and kids. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re stuck on what to get your #1 gal for her upcoming holiday, here are a few smart suggestions. They’re not exactly “cherished keepsake” kind of gifts, but they’re guaranteed to come in very handy. (And she probably has enough cherished keepsakes anyway.)*

O2 Cool 10-Inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Portable Fan – $54.99

Okay, this one’s not exactly sexy and it won’t have her gushing with sentimentality, but, come summertime and those sweltering, 100-degree tournament days, this will be her favorite Mother’s Day gift EVER!

Two Seam Threads, our favorite t-shirt company, has just introduced these super cute and cuddly soft tops just in time for Mother’s Day. You won’t find a more comfy tee. They start at $19.95. Baseball bag is just $8! Or FREE with a $30 purchase. (Click the image to shop.)

 GCI Portable Folding Rocking Chair – $65.00
When you’re sitting at the ball field for game after game after game, comfort is a must. This lightweight, portable rocker has been tested and approved by thousands of travel ball moms. We say YES to having a good chair!!!

Cocomo Soul Black Rhinestone Baseball Sunglasses with Zipper Case and Cleaning Cloth – $24.99Ball field bling incorporated into a great pair of shades. That’s a win-win for sure!

Anker Power Core 10000 Ultra-Compact High-Speed External Charging Battery for iPhone, Samsung and More – $29.99

As one whose phone has died right in the middle of photographing and videoing ballgames at least a thousand times, I can’t recommend this portable battery/charger highly enough. She’ll never have to trek back to the car to charge her phone and miss the action again.

FitFlop Lulu Women’s Thong Sandal – $43.01When my kids first started playing ball, I bought an adorable pair of baseball printed flip flops. (I pretty much bought everything in baseball print back then.) I loved them, but they weren’t what I’d call comfortable for walking around gravel surfaced ball parks all day. Fast forward a few years and I’ve come to appreciate the value of a high quality, well-cushioned flip flop that keeps my feet happy no matter how many hours I’m on them.

Baseball Hair No Crease Hair Ties (set of 6) – $7.50Hair Ties…. never leave home without them. Baseball hair ties….even better!!!

2 in 1 Trunk and Back Seat Organizer  – $24.95

If her backseat or trunk has developed that “neglected storage closet” feel….and it probably has, here’s a great way to keep all those travel ball essentials organized and available.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon – $65.99This thing is the travel sports parents equivalent to buying a minivan when you start having kids. If your player continues to be any good at sports, then you’re going to have to have one of these, if you don’t already. And what better occasion to invest in one than Mother’s Day. Nothing says “We love and appreciate you” more than a utility wagon. Well, technically that’s not true. But, just go with it, okay?

Chatbooks Instant Photo Books – $10 per book

The Chatbooks app is the easiest way to transform Instagram or Facebook into 6×6” photo books. Receive a new book for every 60 photos uploaded to social media. If she doesn’t have time to scrapbook (and who does), this is seriously the best way to go.

  • Note: The title of this post in no way means that cherished keepsake, sentimental Mother’s Day gifts are not useful or that Mother’s Day gifts you’ve given/received in the past didn’t get used. It’s just a title. Please don’t read too much into it. 


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